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After 5 years away and by popular demand … they’re back! Turtleskin gloves and why you need a pair

Turtleskin Search GlovesGood needle/puncture resistant search gloves are hard to come by – by that I mean gloves that have been tested and certified, and that have a decent level of wearer comfort and fit in the fingers.  By its nature, hypodermic needle resistant fabric tends to be dense and ‘cardboardy’ to be finely woven enough to stop a sharp, and so finding a duty glove that offers an officer dexterity as well as protection is an art form.  After all it’s all very well having a ‘suit of armour’ on both hands, you’ll certainly be protected, but if you’re searching someone you need to be able to feel through the gloves to be effective.  The Turtleskin Alpha, Bravo and Duty gloves all offer this close fitting resistance to the threat of sharps.

Longstanding CopShopUK customers will remember that Turtleskin gloves were our first choice for needle resistance, precisely because they’ve been experts in designing these types of gloves for so long.  With the introduction of a few cheaper offerings onto the market in the past few years, Turtleskin gloves are by no means the cheapest on the market, but their value is in the fit and comfort, as well as the good levels of certified protection that they offer.  The names may have changed (the ‘second skin’ Workwear Plus glove is now the Turtleskin Duty glove, and the ultra high protection Utility glove is now the Turtleskin Search glove), but the fit is still as good as ever.  In some things, and particularly where your health could be at risk, I think you do get what you pay for.