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Tactical Jack Gel Ear Inserts – Small but perfectly formed…

Who’d have thought that such a small and inexpensive upgrade could make such a difference?!  Tactical Jack Gel Ear Inserts are an optional accessory to the talk and listen police earpieces that we stock, and have proved extremely popular over the standard earpiece tips for a couple of key reasons.

Gel-InsertWhilst the standard ‘bung’ type tips plug up your ear and can often become dislodged, especially when running, the moulded gel ear inserts have an open ‘skeleton’ construction which fits neatly inside the curves of the ear.  The advantages of this type of earpiece tip is that the natural curves of the ear themselves prevent the insert from falling out during use, whilst the soft open gel construction of the tip allows for superior comfort and improved hearing of those around you.Officers report back to us that once you’ve worked out how to fit them in your ear (thank goodness for the small diagram that comes with the product!), the inserts are that comfortable that you really do forget you’re wearing them.  Available in small, medium or large, and for either ear, the gel ear inserts are an easy upgrade with a good deal of benefit!

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