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Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

Gerber-Suspension-1The Gerber Suspension multi tool is our best selling tool amongst regular customers from the Emergency Services, primarily because the multi-plier represents excellent value for money with the backing of the Gerber name for quality, functionality and durability. The tool’s skeleton handles make it stand out from the crowd in the design stakes.   The titanium nitride coated handles offer superior scratch and scuff protection, as well as neatly fitting your hand with their ergonomically designed shape.  All tools and blades lock safely into place during use. Unlike other competitors, Gerber’s pliers are spring loaded for virtually unparalleled ease of use, and screwdrivers are also long enough to be user friendly.  Although it has been said that Gerber knife and saw blades in general aren’t the longest of some of their multi-tool counterparts, they are by no means unusable, and for our customers in the Police and Security sector, to be honest they’re not purchasing the multi-tool solely or primarily for the knife or blade.Female officers with tiny hands may find the handles quite fat to handle, when using the pliers to grip objects, so we would advise opting for one of the many alternative Gerber multitools if this applies to you! Basically there’s everything there that you need, with nothing added that you don’t, and all easily accessible and rugged enough to confidently do the job in hand.  Overall the Gerber Suspension has the ideal combination of plus points – an uncomplicated practicality, at a price point where you’ll not be scared to take it out and use it!