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LED Lenser torches are brilliant, but which one should I choose …

LED Lenser torches are now pretty well established as the torch of choice for security and law enforcement officers, certainly one of our local Forces has bitten the ‘we need a decent torch’ bullet and issued a chunk of their officers with the P7.2, so it seemed like a good time to pen one of my popular overview guides to the brand, in a bid to help our customers make the right choice.

LED Lenser

The LED Lenser range is now pretty big, and specification, price and style ranges significantly.  What all LED Lenser torches have in common, and one of the reasons they are so popular with our customer base, is that they take AAA batteries.  Seems like a minor point?  Not if you’re replacing costly Lithium batteries at up to £5 per battery every month it’s not.  AAA batteries and their rechargeable counterparts are cheaper and more easily accessible, reducing running costs considerably.  The second thing all LED Lenser torches have in common is build quality – LED Lenser are so sure of the quality of their torch components that they offer a lifetime parts/manufacturing warranty on all flashlights (determined as a ‘reasonable lifetime’ to be 5 years from purchase).  To be honest, in 10+ years of selling LED Lenser we’ve seen 4 torches returned faulty, so our experience of the brand certainly echoes that confidence!

Just for info, LED Lenser sub-divide their ranges with a letter for each sector, so ‘M’ prefixes the ‘micro-processor’ torch line-up, which usually have an element of gadgetry or several different functions about them.  ‘P’ stands for ‘professional’ range, and is aimed/styled at this market.  ‘T’ stands for ‘tactical’ range, aimed/styled primarily at the Police and security market, although there is a significant cross-over/similarity between many in the ranges.  ‘H’ stands for headtorch, and should be obvious

LED Lenser T7.2Now on to the torches …. the P7.2 and T7.2 models still hold the crown for being the most popular torches in the current line-up, mainly due to their all round suitability for most applications.  For the money, you get an amazingly bright torch with a spot to flood focusing head.  The torch feels solid and well constructed, sits nicely in the palm for search purposes, and three brightness settings allow for a degree of economy during use.  No need to buy a separate pouch, these torches come with a high quality nylon belt pouch and lanyard.  For the gadget/tech minded officers the T7M micro-processor torch comes with a raft of other functions built in, including strobe, pulse and SOS, whilst the P7QC Quattro has four colour settings for night vision, hunting and forensics/Police work.

Inevitably some will want a cheaper torch under the reassuring LED Lenser name, and the L7 lightweight torch is LED Lenser’s nod to this market.  Made from a strong polymer material the L7 offers fabulous value for money at £19.99 and still has the spot to flood features of its bigger brothers, albeit without some of the bells and whistles (no pouch or lanyard).  Others will want the brightest that technology can offer, and LED Lenser has covered this too … Enter the mighty atom that is the F1R. A tiny torch (some may say too tiny) that recharges via USB and kicks out a wopping 1000 lumens of light.  Whilst I’m on this subject watch this space for USB rechargeables, it seems to be the new thing and has vastly reduced the price (and pack size) on rechargeable flashlights over the past year. For those demanding the brightest on the market, at a price there is the unbelievable X21.2 range at up to 3200 lumens output.

Completing the range is the various keyring and slightly smaller sized torches that appeal for their compact nature.  The M3R is a gem, just 10cm in length, so perfect to pop in a pocket, but fully rechargeable via USB and brighter than your average duty torch!

So there we have it, a whistle stop tour of the LED Lenser line up for 2016 and hopefully some food for thought.

The New LED Lenser P7.2 – All Round Brilliance!

UPDATE: The new LED Lenser T7.2 is now available as well, featuring pretty much the same spec as below but with a few minor additions.

The P7 (and T7) have been extremely popular amongst our police and military customers, so I suppose it was inevitable that LED Lenser would eventually release a new version of the classic design. And here it is, the LED Lenser P7.2, and very nice it looks too. The same recognisable shape, very slightly larger, some rather attractive red detailing around the head and tail, and a hefty 60% increase in light output!

Here is what LED Lenser have to say about it:

The new LED Lenser P7.2 redefines performance, engineering excellence and desirability. From the inside out every aspect of this professional lighting instrument, an evolution of our ever popular P7, has been intricately re-evaluated to deliver an increased level of performance that sets it apart from the crowd.

Cutting Edge Design

The new P7.2 radiates desirability due to design enhancements that improve both functionality and appearance. A stylish new protective Matt Black anodised finish, not only looks smart and feels great in the hand, but also improves grip. The Dynamic Switch, which allows selection of ‘Boost’ ‘Power’ and ‘Low Power’ light options, has been made significantly larger with improved responsiveness. The increased size makes it easier to operate with gloves.

Latest CREE® LED Light Chip TechnoLogy

After extensive testing and evaluation we have selected from the very latest high performance LED range offered from this world leader and incorporated the most suitable LED into the P7.2. The result is a 60% increase in lumen output compared to the P7.

Increased Lighting Range

The patented Advanced Focus System lens of the P7.2 has been reconfigured and re-aligned to deliver our renowned ring-free bright homogenous white light over a significantly increased lighting diameter for improved visibility in either flood or spot beam.

Supplied with: Belt Pouch, Wrist Strap, Batteries


LED Lenser Torches – World Record Holders!

We’d recently updated our range of LED Lenser torches with all the latest models and I was mulling over what I could say about them that was a bit more interesting than just the usual tech specs. Then, out of the blue, I received this fascinating nugget directly from LED Lenser themselves.

Apparently their mad German designers have knocked up the largest torch in the world! This beast of a torch measures about 4 metres long (that’s about the size of a VW Golf).

Here is the press release straight from LED Lenser:

“LED Lenser, as the world’s leading torch brand, is no stranger when it comes to winning awards for design, technology and performance. Over the years our superb hand-held torches and head lamps have won numerous national and international awards.

Now LED Lenser is proud to announce the latest…and biggest… addition to this ever expanding award collection – that for the World’s Largest Torch

On Sunday 25th September LED Lenser officially unveiled the World’s Largest Torch in front of an expectant crowd in the German City of Soligen at the Night of Lights Festival which attracts around 30,000 visitors. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) torch, nearly 4 meters in length and weighing 216kg, incorporated 19 high-end LEDs that generated an awesome 100,000 lumens of light. On hand to witness and verify this extraordinary testament to LED Lenser’s world-class engineering skills was a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records.

This record breaking torch was not only developed with size in mind, but also to highlight energy efficiency as well. Today’s LED lights are up to 13 times more efficient than conventional light bulbs, and last 1000 times as long. If a luminous flux of 100,000 lumen is supplied to the torch, it consumes 1000 watts of energy. In comparison, 250 conventional 40-watt light bulbs consume 10,000 watts of energy.

The design of the World’s Largest Torch by LED Lenser is based on the powerful and widely available LED LENSER X21 which features a Dynamic Switch, Speed Focus and the patented Advanced Focus System. Powered by just four standard D-cell batteries, the X21 emits a breathtaking 1000 lumens of light that has a range of around half a kilometer.

This dedication to be the best, combined with a magnificent feat of engineering, truly reflects the nature of LED Lenser – that of state-of-the-art innovation, technological superiority and world-class performance.”

Found a little video as well:

So there you have it.

For a range of slightly more practical (but still pretty impressive) torches, visit our LED Lenser section

LED Lenser Flashlights

Please Note! The T7 and P7 have now been upgraded to the even more impressive T7.2 and P7.2 styles.

Fore-runners in the LED torch revolution, LED Lenser torches continue to be amongst the most popular flashlights with UK Police officers and serious Security professionals. The top of the range T7 Tactical torch (or the near identical LED Lenser P7)  and the impressive Police Tech Focus are the flashlights of choice for most officers looking for a reliable and compact addition to their kit.

LED-Lenser-Torch-7439_T7Both torches offer a spot to flood focusable beam, as well as amazing brightness from LED Lenser’s high power LED technology, 200 lumens of bright white power from the T7…. and all this on AAA batteries! Yep, that’s the clincher for most of our customers – no expensive Lithium batteries required, just cheap and readily available AAA batteries, which can often be obtained from Stores.  Both torches come with a nylon belt pouch, which is compatible with a 50mm duty belt, lanyards and a carabina, and the T7 pouch in particular is of an impressive build quality.

The reliability of LED Lenser torches is legendary, and LED Lenser’s Police Tech Focus and T7 (or P7) have both been voted ‘Best Hand Held Torch’ in the Sunday Times consumer tests.  I can honestly say in the six  years we have been promoting their torches, we’ve only ever seen two returns. For reliability, performance and long-term value for money, it doesn’t get much better than that …