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Handcuff Keys

The most common complaint from officers regarding Police issue handcuff keys is that the key is too small and fiddly to use easily, particularly if you’re attempting to detain someone who’s not too keen on the idea of being detained!It’s not long after a local new recruit starts his/her training before we see them in our store for an upgraded handcuff key, and whilst these keys are all much of a muchness, and all made by a respected US manufacturer of handcuff keys for reliability and toughness, there are a few differences worth mentioning.

Pink Handcuff KeyThe most popular options are the traditional black swivel handcuff key and the lighter and more knobbly carbon fibre handcuff key, closely followed by the knurled handcuff key. The knurled option has a square ridged area on the shaft, which appeals to those who want to get a bit more grip on the key when turning it in the cuffs. There is also a more compact option – the stubby handcuff key, at a length midway between the standard issue keys and the longest ones we sell.And for the ladies, or those in touch with their feminine side, we now stock the knurled and swivel handcuff keys in pink!All keys come with double locking pins on the opposing end, together with a steel loop for fixing the key to a belt loop or carabina. The Steamlight Cuffmate, which has a built in LED light to assist the user, and the combi window punch and key (which does what is says on the tin) complete our comprehensive range of handcuff keys.