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Magnum’s New Clothing Range

magnumlogoWe’ve been selling Magnum boots for nearly a decade now, and over the years Magnum have dabbled with a tactical or patrol clothing range to run alongside their ever popular patrol footwear, but this is the first time we’ve really seen what could be described as a comprehensive quality range of garments from Magnum – it will be interesting to gauge our officer’s reaction to the range, but here are a few of the early front runners for us …

Magnum Base Pack (3 pack of socks) – Bound to be a winner with a footwear range as popular as Magnums – these Base Packs are reasonably priced, subtly branded, and have already proved to be a no-brainer when thrown in the shopping basket with a new pair of boots.

Magnum Dragon Waterproof Breathable Jacket – compared to the alternatives we currently sell in the tactical market, I have to say that at £53.99 the Magnum Dragon is an absolute steal.  A perfect jacket to keep in your patrol bag as a smart uniform layer in bad conditions.  Very impressed with this one.

Magnum Polaris Windproof Fleece – again, at £42.98 this one represents really good value when compared to the alternative tactical fleeces around.  It’s a stylish uniform fleece, where attention to small details (edges, zippers etc.) and the smooth feel of the fabric make this feel like a garment at least twice this price .. and fully lined it’s windproof credentials aren’t too shabby either ..

Magnum Jupiter and Saturn (Thermal Base Layers – tops and bottoms) – the word is that these are decent quality thermal layers with job-appropriate styling for a uniform look. They seem to have been a little too popular though as, after the recent cold weather, replacement stock has been a little thin on the ground.

These are our top four to watch so far, but we’ll keep you posted on how things change!