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The much copied Tactical Jack Police Equipment bag!

Officer equipment bags are one of those bits of kit which aren’t strictly essential, but which don’t half make working life easier to organise.

TJ13AWhen it comes to choosing a kit bag, there are a fair few on the market, and to be honest the vast majority of them look pretty much the same.  But this is where looks can be deceptive – there are a raft of cheaper ‘copies’ on sale in the Police and security market, and in most cases you’d never be able to tell the difference from a website photograph.  Where cheaper bags let you down is in the quality of the fabric used, the quality of the zippers and the overall build quality and stitching.  A patrol bag needs to be user friendly and durable above all else, and so when your kit bag falls apart after three months of throwing it from your locker to the back of the patrol car and back again, you may be seeing that £20 Ebay bargain as a bit of a false economy! The medium Tactical Jack police bag is our best seller and has an excellent rep for all of the afore mentioned points – 1000d Cordura construction and YKK zippers for durability, double stitching in key stress areas, and enough pockets, dividers and internal space for the vast majority of kit applications.If you’re going to splash out on a kit bag, the best advice I can give is to do your research or ask a colleague, and buy by recommendation rather than by price…