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Magnum’s New Clothing Range

magnumlogoWe’ve been selling Magnum boots for nearly a decade now, and over the years Magnum have dabbled with a tactical or patrol clothing range to run alongside their ever popular patrol footwear, but this is the first time we’ve really seen what could be described as a comprehensive quality range of garments from Magnum – it will be interesting to gauge our officer’s reaction to the range, but here are a few of the early front runners for us …

Magnum Base Pack (3 pack of socks) – Bound to be a winner with a footwear range as popular as Magnums – these Base Packs are reasonably priced, subtly branded, and have already proved to be a no-brainer when thrown in the shopping basket with a new pair of boots.

Magnum Dragon Waterproof Breathable Jacket – compared to the alternatives we currently sell in the tactical market, I have to say that at £53.99 the Magnum Dragon is an absolute steal.  A perfect jacket to keep in your patrol bag as a smart uniform layer in bad conditions.  Very impressed with this one.

Magnum Polaris Windproof Fleece – again, at £42.98 this one represents really good value when compared to the alternative tactical fleeces around.  It’s a stylish uniform fleece, where attention to small details (edges, zippers etc.) and the smooth feel of the fabric make this feel like a garment at least twice this price .. and fully lined it’s windproof credentials aren’t too shabby either ..

Magnum Jupiter and Saturn (Thermal Base Layers – tops and bottoms) – the word is that these are decent quality thermal layers with job-appropriate styling for a uniform look. They seem to have been a little too popular though as, after the recent cold weather, replacement stock has been a little thin on the ground.

These are our top four to watch so far, but we’ll keep you posted on how things change!

Tactical Jack Gel Ear Inserts – Small but perfectly formed…

Who’d have thought that such a small and inexpensive upgrade could make such a difference?!  Tactical Jack Gel Ear Inserts are an optional accessory to the talk and listen police earpieces that we stock, and have proved extremely popular over the standard earpiece tips for a couple of key reasons.

Gel-InsertWhilst the standard ‘bung’ type tips plug up your ear and can often become dislodged, especially when running, the moulded gel ear inserts have an open ‘skeleton’ construction which fits neatly inside the curves of the ear.  The advantages of this type of earpiece tip is that the natural curves of the ear themselves prevent the insert from falling out during use, whilst the soft open gel construction of the tip allows for superior comfort and improved hearing of those around you.Officers report back to us that once you’ve worked out how to fit them in your ear (thank goodness for the small diagram that comes with the product!), the inserts are that comfortable that you really do forget you’re wearing them.  Available in small, medium or large, and for either ear, the gel ear inserts are an easy upgrade with a good deal of benefit!

(Read our previous post about Tactical Jack police radio earpieces)

The Magnum Panther Boot

I work in the customer services division of CopShopUK Ltd and speak to people all day long about footwear…………so………….. I figured it was about time that I’d get some “boots on” experience and chose some Magnum Boots to try. I basically wanted to see the sort of value for money you get from entry level boots and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Panther-8.0-55616---pairMy Magnum Panthers are about 7 months old now and have seen me through the worst of this winter. That is a statement in itself!! My feet have been warm and dry without thick socks. Although they don’t have the M-PACT footbed they were incredibly comfortable from day one. I wear these to work everyday and after 8 hours I’m fresh as a daisy. I love these boots!!!! Very low maintenance too, a wipe down with a damp cloth and a bit of Kiwi shoe polish and they look as good as new.  I’ve been wearing the standard Panther, but the Magnum Panther Side-Zip is also available for the same price. A  top bargain for £50 and I’m doing myself out of sales here for the more expensive styles, but it proves that if you have a limited budget you can still get quality  :-)

Police earpieces from Tactical Jack – It all becomes clearer!

The Tactical Jack Talk and Listen Police Earpiece is one of our best sellers, so it felt only right to pen a short blog on the subject to explain why.

Tactical-Jack-EarpiecePolice earpieces are one of those items which need to be right – officers rely so heavily on good communication that a quality earpiece can be key to an effective operation.  Customers tell us that standard issue earpieces often aren’t up to the task in hand for a number of reasons. – sound quality is often poor, comfort and wearability aren’t always the best, and many Force issue earpieces have a volume limiter set at a level too low for the average noisy roadside incident! Of course budget constraints and future aural health concerns account for these reported deficits, so many officers elect to upgrade their kit by purchasing a higher quality airwaves earpiece, such as the Tactical Jack earpiece, compatible with either their Sepura SRP2000 or Motorola MTH800 Police radios. At this point it’s worth issuing a ‘buyer beware’ warning – there are many earpieces out there on shops and auction sites, varying vastly in price and quality.  Naturally I can only vouch for those that we sell at CopShopUK, and can confidently tell you that volume levels and sound clarity on the Tactical Jack earpiece are excellent, as is the comfort factor.Being an acoustic semi-covert earpiece (i.e. with a clear, coiled acoustic tube to the ear) means that it fits lightly and discreetly, whilst allowing for comfortable movement during use.  Officers can elect to use the discreet PTT button to communicate, usually clipped discreetly to their load vest, or can continue to use the PTT on their airwaves radio – the choice is theirs.  Wiring is also long enough for the press-to-talk (PTT) switch and microphone to be fed down a sleeve for semi covert use.  The Tactical Jack earpieces come with two surgical grade ear buds (ear tips) as standard, designed to fit snugly into the ear. Tactical Jack also offer gel inserts as an optional extra, however, and many officers find these superior operationally.  This is because gel ear inserts are moulded to fit neatly in the inner contours of your ear, meaning that they’re highly unlikely to dislodge, even during pursuits, as well as being of an open construction (rather than a ‘bung’), meaning that officers can hear their colleague talking to them just as easily as they can hear through their earpiece.  Accessories are another blog though, and I digress ……

Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

Gerber-Suspension-1The Gerber Suspension multi tool is our best selling tool amongst regular customers from the Emergency Services, primarily because the multi-plier represents excellent value for money with the backing of the Gerber name for quality, functionality and durability. The tool’s skeleton handles make it stand out from the crowd in the design stakes.   The titanium nitride coated handles offer superior scratch and scuff protection, as well as neatly fitting your hand with their ergonomically designed shape.  All tools and blades lock safely into place during use. Unlike other competitors, Gerber’s pliers are spring loaded for virtually unparalleled ease of use, and screwdrivers are also long enough to be user friendly.  Although it has been said that Gerber knife and saw blades in general aren’t the longest of some of their multi-tool counterparts, they are by no means unusable, and for our customers in the Police and Security sector, to be honest they’re not purchasing the multi-tool solely or primarily for the knife or blade.Female officers with tiny hands may find the handles quite fat to handle, when using the pliers to grip objects, so we would advise opting for one of the many alternative Gerber multitools if this applies to you! Basically there’s everything there that you need, with nothing added that you don’t, and all easily accessible and rugged enough to confidently do the job in hand.  Overall the Gerber Suspension has the ideal combination of plus points – an uncomplicated practicality, at a price point where you’ll not be scared to take it out and use it!