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How to measure glove size

We sell a big old range of different types of police gloves, and one of the most common question we get asked is “What size do I need?” 

FACT: Most people have one slightly bigger hand, this is usually the one that determines if you are right or left handed. To measure for your glove size, place the tape measure in between your thumb and index finger as per the diagram shown and place it  around the widest part of your hand. Then allow your hand to form a loose fist, it is advisable to go up to the nearest inch rather than down.The manufacturer tends to base the sizing on to a standard hand. This is a little more complicated then it sounds as very few people have standard size hands and no pair of hands is exactly the same. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when buying leather gloves. If a glove is made of a soft leather it will offer a little more stretch. If you are in between sizes a smaller size sometimes is a better fit. This also applies to people with shorter fingers. Tougher and firmer gloves have less stretch and will be uncomfortable if too tight as they are usually manufactured to protect the hands from being penetrated by needles, glass or sharp weapons.

Most retailers are aware that it can be difficult to get it right and are happy to advise you. Contact us on 01843 825 757 or, we are always happy to help.

Why you should buy from CopShopUK!

I recently had a whole load of grief with an online retailer just trying to purchase a jacket for my nephew. It made me think how important it is to look after your customers.To be honest we do pretty well, this is possible because we genuinely care about all you good people out there. For instance all our emails are dealt with on a personal level and even if you receive an automated response to a return or exchange we follow it up with a proper reply.The most annoying thing for most of us, customer and client alike, is ordering an item that someone has just beat you to the last one and is out of stock. Often the retailer is at the mercy of a distributor who keeps changing the dates. That is as frustrating for us as it is for you. Fast and efficient service is essential and most orders go the same day.Another bone of contention is the subject of faulty goods, often irate customers don’t realise that we do not manufacture the goods ourselves and have to adhere to some sort of fair and reasonable “Rules”. You would not believe how ill mannered people can be, but we will bend over backwards to offer the best resolve to most things. However, often the manufacturer is involved and we have to follow the guidelines we are given.We are very fortunate that our company is run by family and friends so we all go the extra mile, we are old school I guess in the way we look after our customers but many companies are just out to make money fast. I’m proud to say we are different and won’t compromise. You can come in and see us at our trade counter or phone us just for that bit of advice that you can’t find on the net.We don’t expect a sale following each bit of advice we give and if something isn’t suitable we are honest enough to say so. At the end of the day that is what we’re here for. If you like the more traditional approach to customer services, 01843 825757……….. give us a call.

The Magnum Panther Boot

I work in the customer services division of CopShopUK Ltd and speak to people all day long about footwear…………so………….. I figured it was about time that I’d get some “boots on” experience and chose some Magnum Boots to try. I basically wanted to see the sort of value for money you get from entry level boots and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Panther-8.0-55616---pairMy Magnum Panthers are about 7 months old now and have seen me through the worst of this winter. That is a statement in itself!! My feet have been warm and dry without thick socks. Although they don’t have the M-PACT footbed they were incredibly comfortable from day one. I wear these to work everyday and after 8 hours I’m fresh as a daisy. I love these boots!!!! Very low maintenance too, a wipe down with a damp cloth and a bit of Kiwi shoe polish and they look as good as new.  I’ve been wearing the standard Panther, but the Magnum Panther Side-Zip is also available for the same price. A  top bargain for £50 and I’m doing myself out of sales here for the more expensive styles, but it proves that if you have a limited budget you can still get quality  :-)