Magnum Boots – The brand new (almost) definitive guide to fit

It’s been almost three years since I posted my definitive guide to the fit on the Magnum range, and it proved to be one of our most popular blog posts.  Since 2011 the Magnum range has changed drastically, so I thought it high time to re-visit this theme and give my opinion on the fit for the new wave of Magnums, based upon our experience here in Cop Shop UK offices, and the ‘feet on’ experiences of our local Kent officers.


As ever, the Magnum range continues to evolve and develop with new technologies, and as ever foot shape can have a big impact on the comfort of a boot, even if you have picked the top-of-the-range Magnum with luxury footbeds and memory foam. For those lucky enough to be able to visit us at our warehouses in Ramsgate, come on down, there’s never a better alternative to trying a few different styles on!  For everyone else, I hope this helps you out …

The Stealth Force range which was widely loved by those with a wider foot has now been discontinued in all but the styles with safety toe-caps, and so our wide footed non-safety seeking regulars are looking for an alternative in the range.  The best of the bunch at the moment is probably the new Viper range – either the Viper 8″, Viper 8″ Side Zip or Viper 8″ full leather for those that want the waterproof version.  Whilst not quite as wide as the old Stealth range, there is a decent similarity in terms of fit, style and lightness.  For the ladies, the Cobra 6″ Womens boot replaces the Stealth Liberty, and is proving a popular successor – made specifically for women with a trademark daintier and narrower foot shape. For those looking for a decent lightweight trainer-like replacement for their Magnum Spider Elites or Spider Urbans, the new Mach range should sort you out – these super super lightweight micro-fibre patrol boots are likely to best suit a regular to narrow foot shape.  There’s a slightly more wallet-friendly version in the Mach I – the same boot with the same fit, but in traditional leather and nylon.

For those with regular to narrow feet, you will be pleased to hear that the ever popular Magnum Classic and the Magnum Panther are still very much alive and kicking in the range – firm favourites for a good few years now.  However if you’re after a fully waterproof Magnum with a regular to narrow fit, then you may want to look at the Cobra 8″ WP or Cobra 8″ Side Zip WP, introduced last year and an absolute bargain at the minute, particularly for the terrible damp winter we’re suffering at the moment.

So there we have it, bang up to date and by no means a cast iron guarantee of success, but I hope this information assists in picking a boot that’s right for you!

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