Is there something missing in the Magnum range?

We’re getting a lot of faithful Magnum customers asking for recently discontinued styles, such as the much loved Magnum Stealth Force boot range (Stealth 8″ side zip, Stealth 8″ leather and nylon) and the Magnum Spider boots.

Unfortunately all but a few unpopular sizes are now gone forever, although Magnum have retained the Stealth range in its 4 safety styles – Magnum Stealth 8″ and 6″ CT CP and Zip CT Wpi. For those not wanting a safety toe cap though, it’s either the Magnum Panther or Classic, which are competitively priced but do come in slightly under the spec of the defunct Stealth and Spider ranges, or the new Magnum Cobra range, which are fully waterproof and on par or above spec and priced around the £80-£90 mark.

Viper-Pro-8.0-M800640---pairWhat’s most exciting (as far as I’m concerned) though, is a cracking new style shortly to launch in August of this year, called the Magnum Viper. This is much nearer to the Magnum Stealth in looks, and will be competitively priced at £65-£80, and so fits neatly into the gap between the Panther and the Cobra in the range. As to whether the fit and comfort will be the same as the Stealth …. I guess we’ll have to wait until the new stocks arrive in late August. Watch this space!

UPDATE: The Vipers are now in and we are currently giving away a free T-shirt with every pair (while stocks last of course), the Viper Pro can be found here, and the side-zip version here.

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