Magnum Boots – The differences in layman’s terms

Anyone working within the Police or Security sector will most likely have heard of the name Magnum boots when it comes to patrol footwear, with many a pair of Magnum’s sold on recommendation from a work colleague.  It’s true to say that the Magnum brand continues to be the most well recognised brand of Police boot on the market.  Sometimes though, it can be difficult to see why one costs so much more than another – let me try to assist!

At the entry level point are the Magnum Classic, Magnum Patrol, Panther and duty shoe ranges – these boots offer all the EN certification an officer needs, together with an easy shine leather finish for parade use.

Magnum’s mid to top ranged product is the Stealth Force range.  You pay a bit extra for the comfort technology that goes into these boots.  Whereas the Classic has a basic footbed and construction, the Stealth range have contoured foam footbeds and superior padding around the ankle, as well as better shock absorption properties in the sole – something you’re likely to notice when running.  There are a wealth of options with the Stealth range as well, which push some of the styles into Magnum’s top tier – safety toecap options, side-zip options, fully waterproof options, take your pick!

… and finally, Magnum have a number of specialist boots sitting at the top of the tree, for one reason or another.  The Spider Urban range offer a trainer-like alternative to the regular patrol style, backed up with some serious performance technology when it comes to comfort, agility and speed of manoeuver.  The Shield Public Order boot – the clues in the name really, a specialist product for a specialist market. The Elite Force Wpi is Magnum’s flagship product – waterproof, breathable, blood pathogen resistant, heat and cold resistant, the list goes on.  The cost (or value) of an Elite Wpi is in it’s unique leather infused waterproofing technology, amongst other features, which may or may not be a benefit that you decide you need.  Either way, there should be a Magnum product to suit your particular operational need and, just as importantly, to suit your budget.

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