Magnum Boots – The (almost) definitive guide to fit

New post added for the 2014 Magnum boot range

Following on from my last post about all the different styles of Magnum boots available, I thought I’d post a quick run down of how they measure up, as not all Magnum boots have exactly the same fit and feel.

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As the range has expanded over the years, new styles have been introduced which can vary
in terms of comfort and fit depending on your own foot shape.  Foot shape can have a big impact on the comfort of a boot, even if you have picked the top-of-the-range Magnum with luxury footbeds and memory foam!

In the absence of the ability to try these different styles on (except for those lucky enough to be able to visit us at our warehouses in Ramsgate), I’ve decided to impart my knowledge as regards the fit of the current Magnum boot range.

From experience I can say that the Magnum Classic and the Magnum Panther are a relatively narrow style of boot, which well suit the average to narrower foot shape.

The Stealth Force range of boots (unisex) generally come up wider, and we highly recommend these as a good fit for those with regular to wide feet.  Sometimes those with narrow or dainty feet will find that a Magnum Stealth will gape at the foot’s flex point, or the foot will slip up and down in the boot, causing discomfort.  Naturally the Stealth Liberty Mid Women’s boot is the exception to the rule in this particular range  – being made specifically for women, the foot shape is daintier and narrower all round!

Slap bang in the middle in terms of width fitting are the Patrol, Scorpion, Spider Urban series and Elite Force WPi.

Short and sweet and by no means a cast iron guarantee of success, but I hope this information assists in picking a boot that’s right for you!

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