Adidas GSG9 Boots – The best boots are the ones you can forget you’re wearing!

Here at CopShopUK, we’ve been stocking and promoting the Adidas GSG9 boot for six years, and we still remember the classic GSG9 boot with fondness – with iconic ‘boxing boot’ styling and comfort to match, officers would stretch their budgets to buy a pair of these super comfortable ‘Gucci’ tactical boots.After the classic style was phased out, along came the massively popular Adidas GSG9.2 boot, with an improved specification and some radical design changes.  Love or loathe the updated styling, it’s here to stay, and new for 2011 Adidas have just released three new versions of the GSG 9 – a 6″ black uniform version (GSG9.4), plus 6″ and 8″ desert tan versions (GSG9.3) for desert or Military applications.

Adidas-GSG-9.2All of the Adidas tactical boots feature Adidas’ renowned comfort and performance technologies –  Traxion grip outsole with heel inserts for shock absorption, hydrophobic upper for superior waterproofing (for the urban versions), specialist insoles and midfoot saddle construction for optimum foot comfort and arch support, and so on…All of which come together in perfect harmony to produce a boot which offers the performance you need with the feeling that you’ve just put your favourite pair of trainers on!  After all, the GSG9.2 is made in the same way as a running shoe, and unlike virtually any other patrol boot on the market.  Whilst built for the Special Forces, with tactical operations in mind, Special Ops guys and front line officers alike will see the benefit of the GSG 9, whether descending from a helicopter on a rope, or getting that valuable edge in foot or road pursuits.We’re fans!

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3 thoughts on “Adidas GSG9 Boots – The best boots are the ones you can forget you’re wearing!

  1. Steven

    Love my GSG9s, comfiest boots I ever owned.Need some new boots for airsoft so might have to start saving for those desert ones! :)

    1. Ed

      I finally wore out my Black GSG9.2s. These are the best boots I have worn in over 14 years of Military Service. The support is great, the grip is awesome and the breatheability is perfect for hot weather. I am glad they are now in desert tan so I can switch back to this fine boot.


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